Clean slate forward

Going home is a weird experience anymore. I mean.. I can’t wait to see my man, I love his company. After all, he has been my best friend and lover since 2012. 

But lately all we do is argue. In April, for the first time since I met him, we had a fight. We never used to fight. And all we have done since then.. is fight. Or argue. Trying to talk about anything leads back to raised voices and raw emotions and someone threatening to leave and I end up in tears, begging..

Last night is a blur. We all sat down, opened up, communicated. All three of us. I vaguely remember promising to try and let go of the grudge I have against her. I vagely remember her making some promise.. not to be a smart ass. He promised to communicate better.

We all promised to communicate better. Apparently the slate is clean and we are all starting from here and moving forward..

So I guess I need to swallow my pride. Give her another chance.. Give him space to breathe.. find some way to deal with these changes I’ve chosen to live with.

When I did get home from work, she wasn’t there yet. He was.. He seemed better. He aggravated me like he used to.. tickles, touching, flirting…

Needles to say, we had a bit of fun while we were alone.

However, I am dreading her return from work..